#ReadingIsFundamental #Nfl

Friend of mine came through Sunday and he made me watch football I haven’t watched football since #michaelvick left the league so we turned it to the Carolina Panthers and Minnesota game and the last forty seconds of the game pissed me off I was rooting for the panthers and I believe #camnewton faked a injury and #josephSlye came in and missed a field goal that could’ve won the game and all I could say is see Ed this why ion watch football and I told him they need to get Slye in the locker room and just beat his you know what unless the whole team got paid got bribed to loose then it would’ve been fair BE GLAD IM NOT THE COACH CAUSE THAT WILL BE ESTABLISHED DURUNG RECRUITING MISS A FIELD GOAL BEAT DOWN MISS A TOUCHDOWN PASS BEAT DOWN HELL JUST MISS ANYTHING BEAT DOWN #LOLOLOLOL

#💙🥂😜💯🙏🏽 #football #groundhopping #futebol #soccer #nike #footvolley #halamadrid #young #ultras #germany #nevergiveup #khorfakkanfc #futvolei #spring #StatStory

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